City compounds traffic issue
February 17, 2017


To the editor:

I have to think the same folks that thought lowering the speed limit on Pelican are the same folks that think it was a good idea to allow Starbucks to move from the south side of Pine island Road to the north side just west of the entrance and exit lanes to and from the shopping center.

Traffic is a huge nightmare now, especially if you are in the south outer drive, heading east or west, and attempting to turn south into those exit lanes to either continue onto Pondella or turn east or west on Pine Island Road. Those cars in the exit lanes back up so far you cannot turn and then have to sit blocking anyone, or being blocked, from continuing to go straight ahead. There is also going to be a drive-thru. Wait til those cars are backed up waiting to get onto the Starbucks' property.

It is sad how this city is run. I have to wonder if anyone involved in this decision ever goes to that shopping center and experiences what I do each time I go there.

Barbara Steffens

Cape Coral


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