Paying for the wall
February 17, 2017


To the editor:

The Trump Administration says we will get Mexico to pay for the wall by levying an import duty on goods coming to us out of Mexico.

So, we impose a 20 percent import tax on goods coming into the U.S. from Mexico to pay for the wall. As we know, companies don't pay taxes their customers do.

So you and I will pay for the wall twice.

First we pay for it as it is initially built. And then we get to pay for it again by spending 20 percent more on the goods and the parts used to build consumer goods that come to us from South of the boarder.

What a wonderful plan to build a wonderful wall.

Why not spend the money on something useful that we all can benefit from like repairing and replacing our decaying roads, bridges and other public facilities that we would only have to pay for once?

Keith Kirkpatrick

Cape Coral


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