Additional "Do The Right Thing" winners for March
March 17, 2017


The monthly "Do The Right Thing" ceremony for March was held Wednesday in City Council Chambers at City Hall. Eleven Cape Coral students were recognized.

* Skyler Bacha, 8th Grade,

Challenger Middle School

* Olivia Morris, 8th Grade,

Challenger Middle School

* Breanna Stafford, 8th Grade,

Challenger Middle School

Olivia, Skyler and Breanna volunteer at Patriot Elementary as mentors. One day they walked into class and a student was having a seizure. They asked the teacher what they could do to assist. The three made sure the other students kept calm, were seated and occupied while the nurses and administration helped the child.

* Christian Lubrun, 9th Grade,

Ida Baker High School

An expensive cell phone was accidentally left behind in a room. Christian found the phone and was able to determine who the owner was. The phone was returned to the owner who was very happy and thankful for Christian's action.

* Baley McFarland, 1st Grade,

Patriot Elementary School

Baley is a first grade student who shows character that is beyond her age. She spends her recess time with the life skills and functional skills students and is always willing to help. She even goes the extra step to defend them when other students are being disrespectful towards them.

* Alexandra Rodriguez, 7th Grade,

Challenger Middle School

Alexandra is always quick to volunteer to help with whatever is needed. During a musical production last year, Alexandra helped with painting the sets and various other tasks. Recently a new foreign student, who spoke very little English, joined the class. Alexandra sat with her and helped her communicate.


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