All Cape residents invited to Save Our Recreation rally
March 17, 2017


To the editor:

Citizens of Cape Coral will unite to "walk the talk" to Save Our Recreation.

SOR is a not-for-profit corporation organized to preserve and protect from housing development the only large remaining green space in Cape Coral - 175 acres - for generations to come.

Join our Citizens Rally. Families, baby boomers and seniors - this is your opportunity to send a very powerful message to the City Council and make our collective voices heard. (For the safety of your pets, please leave them at home.)

Please join us on March 21 (rain date March 22). Check-in time: 3:45 p.m. Location: the vacant lot near Century Link at 4001 Palm Tree Blvd. .And, being respectful of private property - including the large empty parking lot near-by - please park on the median.

Rally signs will be available for you to carry. Or, you may use your yard sign. If you want to make your own sign, please keep the message positive and constructive. Likewise, we ask all participants to be respectful and positive in our actions and comments.

Rally walkers will walk north and south on Palm Tree with signs showing support for preserving the Golf Club property as a Park and Recreation amenity for all of Cape Coral - just like the Yacht Club. We look forward to seeing you.

Our City Council needs to hear from ALL of us -As the Council considers an application to change the Future Land Use to allow building of 500 tract houses they must be reminded that the former Golf Club was designated by the city founders as Parks and Recreation to provide a quality of life amenity to the citizens and visitors of Cape Coral, just like the Yacht Club.

Anne Carney

Cape Coral

Save Our Recreation volunteer


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