City officials just don’t get it
March 17, 2017


To the editor:

Thank you for last week's editorial on our city leaders. I hope you continue these editorials about our manager/council.

This city manager should have been terminated back a few years ago when the "open mike" issue was brought to light. This was and still is an issue that needs to be brought out in the open for all to look at, Florida's Sunshine Law. Something that this city manager does not understand that you brought out in this editorial of last week.

I am very concerned about our manager/council with this new youth council just started. I do like the idea of new council but concerned about the young adults looking at the "Seven Islands" project where the manager/council hired a consultant after the residents had already given there ideas on what should and should not take place, then casting the residents' ideas aside and using the high-paid consultant's ideas. The manager/council could do the same thing to these young adults.

This manager and his council have their own agenda and they do not care who they step on or what action they take. They have many persons and places where they are not welcome and are doing more damage to this city than any manager/council prior. Just look at LCEC, buying land in Pine Island, ignoring residents around the old golf course, keeping water rates high, the fire tax, utility expansion project.

Richard Perry

Cape Coral


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