City needs to get real
March 17, 2017


To the editor:

What does the city do with taxpayer dollars?? Well they used $13 million dollars from the sewer and water fund to buy land at an auction which the city manager now is trying to swap with DR Horton golf course property! When is the City going to pay this $13 million back? Probably never!

Then there is the poop pellet plant that cost some $10 million in equipment that was allowed to rust on the ground. They never built the plant as they changed their minds. They were going to turn our poops into pellets and sell them for fertilizer! They then tried to sell the equipment but could not even get 25 cents on the dollar! It went to the scrap heap. They hire a project manager for Bimini Basin yet there is no project! The firm they hired was a law firm. Interesting! How much will this project end up costing Cape Coral residents? They have big plans for those islands up north costing more mega dollars. Where does all of this stop?

Then they slap us with assessments to pay for fire services! This because of mismanagement of city funds!

What about the $30 million paid for Festival Park and not a park bench there? What about the approximately $7 million paid for "Academic Village" that is nothing more than a swamp!

We have a lot of roads that need repaving and am told there is a limited amount of money to do it. I will never live long enough to see my road repaved and trust me, the road is bad! Their needle is stuck on creating an entertainment district and keeping bars open until 4 a.m., etc.! All of the revamping of that area will end up costing more mega bucks. What about all the infrastructure that will be needed if all those DR Horton homes are allowed? There will be major sewer and water lines needed that will cost taxpayers mega bucks. Roads ripped up everywhere to run the lines to that property for the water and sewer lines, more money! What is there presently is only for the needs of a golf course not all those proposed homes!.

They need to pay attention to all the current infrastructure needs instead of going off on tangents. The spending of taxpayer dollars needs to be brought under control! They need to pay back that $13 million dollars back to the Sewer and Water Fund. They need to sell off that $13 million dollar property while the market is up! Stop with the assessments and actually repeal those in place. They even have an Ordinance that allows them to place all kinds of assessments on residents. Brace yourself.

Cape Coral taxpayers are tapped out and need relief! The City needs to live on a realistic budget and stop playing games with taxpayer money.

Lynn Rosko

Cape Coral


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