Give Trump a chance
May 19, 2017


To the editor

Regarding the Letters to the Editor of Mr. Healy and Mr. Wollscheidt in the May 12 Breeze:

Gentlemen, please get a grip. The anger that you guys feel toward our President literally jumps off the page. Also, you both should remember your audience. Trump received 58.7 percent of the vote in Lee County. That's a lot of folks that you apparently believe should not be allowed to wander about unaccompanied. Are you volunteering to take the first shift on me?

And please! It's all about the rich getting richer? Really? Trump is not even taking a salary, while that carpet bagger that just left office has a net worth of approximately $40 million. Considering that he and Michelle entered the White House functionally broke, that is a remarkable accomplishment on $400,000 a year.

How about Hillary? She and Bill entered the White House broke as well and had to literally be evicted from the Arkansas Governor's Mansion prior to his Inauguration. Respectively, they are currently worth $45 million and $85 million.

We live in a beautiful slice of Paradise. Relax and enjoy it. Our political system is currently so broken that you give Trump way too much credit for being able to screw it up more. Give the guy the same chance that Obama had and let the chips fall in the 2020 election. That is the way a civilized America functions.

Ray Jones

Cape Coral


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