Let the voters resolve issue of the old golf course
June 16, 2017


To the editor:

This old golf course issue is turning into a joke. It has been an issue for years as to what's to become of this land. The current owners want to sell it, the city can't afford it. Its land use is for a recreation, park area.

I am surprised the owners didn't turn it into an RV camp ground. We have a citywide election coming up soon. Add a referendum and have all the residents of the city decide what;s to become of this land.

The city can't afford to buy it, re-landscape it to a golf course, maintain it and even run it.

Bring it to a vote and the results should be final. If the residents decide to buy this for a golf course, so be it, then do not complain when the tax bill increase is mailed to your home.

Gary Bongers

Cape Coral


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