Scott is the one who should resign
February 23, 2018


To the editor:

Gov. Scott should resign now.

Our governor doesn't mind showing his face at the scene of a tragedy and talking a big game but nothing is ever done. Scott and Rep. Francis Rooney are asking for the FBI director to resign. How about you both resigning for not doing your jobs?

We need action, not lip service. We have a president that is an expert at doing that.

Yes, the FBI field office in Mississippi dropped the ball on the Parkland shooter and I'm sure changes have already been made to correct the situation. Gov. Scott what did you do after the Orlando shooting? Eight states opted for major gun law changes after shooting incidents. Florida is not on the list.

The answer is nothing, a big nothing. The right thing for you to do is leave. We won't miss ya.

George Hopgood

Cape Coral


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