New Scan & Go technology hits Walmart Neighborhood Market in Cape Coral
March 9, 2018


Shopping at Walmart just got easier.

It was one thing when the store introduced the self-service check-out line. Now, you can skip the check-out line with Scan & Go, which allows customers to scan items as they shop in-store.

"Our customers tell us they want a convenient, fast shopping experience," said Adrienne Pope, the store manager at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at 505 S.W. Pine Island Road just west of Santa Barbara Boulevard, in Cape Coral. "With the introduction of Scan & Go at our store, customers will find they will not only be saving money but also time when shopping with us."

In October 2017, Walmart shared that would be investing around $11 billion in 2017 and 2018 in the U.S. in store growth, store remodels and other innovations, such as Pickup Towers, Online Grocery Pickup, Scan & Go and more.

The Scan & Go is part of Walmart's commitment to help customers shop however, whenever and wherever they want.

The technology was recently installed at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Pine Island Road in the Cape.

If you have a smart phone and like to shop on the go, here are the basic steps to using Scan & Go at your next Walmart trip:

Simply download the Scan & Go app onto a mobile phone and open the app inside Walmart, or use the devices available in store.

Scan the barcode of each item you wish to purchase and then place the item into the shopping cart. No barcode? Quickly look up the item with "Find an Item."

As you shop, you will see the running total of the items in your cart.

When you are done shopping, all you need to do is easily checkout and pay in the app. Then show the receipt from your phone to an associate on the way out. It's that simple.

The Scan and Go application is a cutting edge technology being introduced in Cape Coral's local Walmart store, which is setting the parameters for the ultimate shopping experience.

Just make sure your mobile phone is charged up before you go shopping.

Other ways to shop at Walmart

You can shop at Walmart through Google Express,, free 2-day shipping, Express services, Walmart mobile app, and online grocery pickup.

Shoppers can also pickup discounts when they pick up orders at participating stores.

Go on to learn more about how you can get discounts and shopping made easy.


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