LadyCakes Bakery introduces new item
March 9, 2018


Bess and Jeff Charles, co-owners of Cape Coral's "Best of 2017" LadyCakes Bakery, and recently named one of the Top 10 Bakeries in Florida, have introduced a new confection. They've brought "Crumb Buns" to the Cape.

The couple has deep roots in the northeast. Bess and Jeff grew up in the New York and New Jersey area. "Crumb buns were a staple in every household in our area," Bess recalled.

"At any special event, holiday, family reunion or when company arrived, crumb buns were present. As children, we always knew when we were about to have guests because the crumb buns showed up first!"

A few months ago, Bess' mother, Candice Gowers, suggested LadyCakes make crumb buns available in Cape Coral. Bess and Jeff were unsure. "There's always a bit of guess work involved when we add a new product," said Bess. Candice persisted, "Well, you already make cakes. Do the cake base, then come up with the crumb." That's just what Mr. and Mrs. "LadyCakes" did but it took a while.

"The crumb is what makes the crumb bun," explained Bess. She said of Jeff, who's in charge of the baking operation, "He's a perfectionist when it comes to certain things." For months, he and Bess went through many batches. At some point, along batch number three or four, Bess said to Jeff, "Honey, this is really good!" Jeff wasn't satisfied. They kept experimenting with batch after batch, "Until we nailed it!" Throughout the process, Bess' parents New Jersey and Philadelphia natives, who now live in the Cape, provided expert critiques.

Most of us have tasted some variation of a "crumb cake" that involves yellow cake, brown sugar and powdered sugar. Cakes that, on occasion, result in a spray of fragments scattered in one's lap, or all over the table, rather than in one's mouth.

LadyCakes' Crumb Bun is vastly different. Each bun is a generous, individual serving. It's a substantial square of buttery yellow cake covered with a 3/4 inch dense topping. A special sugar mixture and butter are in the topping, among other features engendered by the Charles' tireless experimentation features they aren't quite ready to share.

What makes this topping unique is its smooth texture, its cohesiveness. True, the rare, stray particle might escape. However, even with its hint of crunch, this pastry stays put when you bite into it, or cut it with a fork. Another distinct feature of LadyCakes' Crumb Bun; it's not overly sweet.

"No matter what you call it, Crumb Bun, Crumb Cake, It's amazing!" said Bess. During her childhood, her family enjoyed a close friendship with an Italian family, The Grosso's. She reminisced, "They love crumb buns. After we perfected the recipe we sent some to New York for them to try. It passed the test! Mr. Grosso paid us the best compliment. He said, 'I haven't tasted a crumb bun this good since my mother, rest her soul, made them. When you bite into a crumb bun, 'The Heavens Open up.'"


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