Vote for the best, Vote Fox, Gonzalez
August 10, 2018


To the editor:

If anyone would like an insider's viewpoint on our local judicial system, I'd love to share mine with you.

I worked as the administrative assistant to both State Attorneys D'Alessandro and Russell during my long career there. I saw green attorneys come and go, succeed and fail, in the decades before I retired. Let me tell you, the good ones leave a distinct impression. Two of the best I encountered were Amira Fox, running for State Attorney, and Maria Gonzalez, running for re-election as County Judge. These two individuals have stellar legal skills, reputations, and leadership ability. Additionally, both candidates are very vested in our community.

I urge everyone to always vote for the best, and that means Amira Fox and Maria Gonzalez.

Diane Tusin

Cape Coral


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