Dailey believes every child deserves an opportunity to succeed
August 10, 2018


To the editor:

As a mother of three young children with a history of working in healthcare where I've spent over 25 years serving others, I can appreciate when I meet a person who has a passion for serving. This is who Dr. Charles Dailey is to me. An individual with character, integrity, and a heart filled with love and compassion towards those in need.

I had the blessing of meeting Dr. Dailey during a time when the school system did not quite offer my oldest child, who is 15 years old, a fair opportunity. It was a difficult time for my family and I because we had just come to learn that my son was diagnosed with Aspergers or high functioning autism. We were distraught and did not know where to go. When the school board was willing to shut my son out and just keep him out of school, Dr. Dailey said: "No, every child deserves an opportunity to succeed!"

Our story was challenging because, on paper, our son is a straight A student who is gifted and obtains very high intellectual scores, yet socially he is not able to function the way other high schoolers do. At a time when we were devastated and had nowhere to turn. Dr. Dailey stepped in and advocated for our son without knowing anything about us except for the facts.

Dr. Dailey took time from his hectic schedule to step in and show that he cares that every child matters and that regardless of the situation, they deserve the opportunity to succeed.

It is because of this that I am endorsing him as a candidate for the District one seat on the Lee County School Board for this upcoming election.

Every child deserves to have a person like Dr. Dailey advocating for them on the board. In a world where most people are looking to obtain positions for the sake of self-profit and personal success, Dr. Dailey is here to serve without reservation and that is commendable!

I encourage you to give the children of Lee County an opportunity to have Dr. Dailey there for them!

Maria Fernanda Ginart

Fort Myers


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