More money wasted
July 4, 2019


To the editor:

Trip to China: another waste of taxpayer money and a free vacation for city leaders.

It is too bad the people we have in charge of this city can't find American companies to come to Cape Coral. Maybe it's because this city is not business friendly and all the tax and fees they have is not helping any.

So the liberal city hall people take a trip to China, the country that took jobs away from Americans, stole technology, and they want to do business with these people? What is wrong with these people -- we also are in the middle of a trade war.

This is kind of people we have in charge of our city. No wonder taxes are high and we have all these fees in this city.

Hope someday we will find people to work for the residents of this city and stop the waste of our tax dollars.

Roy Spegele

Cape Coral


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