Donations being sought for Parrot Heads of Southwest Florida’s Pit Stop Party
September 27, 2019


Donations are now being sought for the Pit Stop Party, an annual event put on by the Parrot Heads of Southwest Florida, which this year is benefiting the Alzheimer's Foundation.

Club member Teresa Hiatt said the club has received baskets of items from businesses, such as car wax, squeegee and a gift certificate for a car wash.

They are still in search of more baskets, and silent auction items. She said they need to receive all donations by Friday, Oct. 25. Those interested in making a donation can send an email to

This year the Pit Stop Party will be held from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 27, at Paradise Tiki Bar and Grill, at the Dolphin Key Resort, 1502 Miramar St., in Cape Coral. The event is free to attend.

"In addition to the baskets, we do crazy games and award prizes for the winners, and sometimes the loser. It's a day of fun," Hiatt said. "It's a very popular event because it takes place on a Sunday afternoon. It's very friendly with all the different musicians coming in. There is a lot of high-end musicians all in one day. Some of them come from Texas and Louisiana, or further."

She said that Paradise Tiki is a great place to hold the event because there is plenty of shade and areas of coverage in case of rain.

Hiatt said a lot of people rent a room overnight who attend the event.

"The pool is open to all who attend the event," she said providing attendees an opportunity to cool off if it gets too hot.

The National Parrot Head Convention, known as "Meeting of the Minds," is held ever year in Key West. Many parties are held at various locations along the path to help the "phlocking" of the Parrot Heads to the convention. This year marks the 28th year the "Meeting of the Minds" will be held, which features a five-day Trop Rock music festival held every November.

"The 'Meeting of the Minds' convention has been out there for 28 years. Our group has been doing the Pit Stop for about seven years," Hiatt explained.

Parrot Heads of Southwest Florida is part of the Parrot Heads in Paradise organization, which charters local clubs.

"We subscribe to the lifestyle of Jimmy Buffet. We don't let the world get you down. His focus was to party with a purpose. Groups can get together to have fun, but doing it in bettering the community," she explained.

Since the motto is "Party with a Purpose" and many of their local club members are aging, this year they decided to raise money for Alzheimer's Foundation.

For more information about the Southwest Florida Parrot Heads, visit


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