Kudos to Waste Pro
October 4, 2019


To the editor:

I support Waste Pro and APPLAUD the many good workers who are in trucks or on the hot streets picking up yard waste every week. A simple phone call from the resident writing about for bulk pickup would have gotten on schedule even though it was not for him. I have called for new neighbors who are not aware of scheduling and they just put it near the street. Renters, or just lazy people who let others make phone calls.

Other states and cities are not involved in trash pickup. It's up to the homeowner or renter to find and pay their individual company. Competition can mean 10 different trash companies coming through your neighborhood every day. And they do not pick up bulk items. That is up to individuals to get the old sofa, broken toilet, etc. to the dump and pay dump fees (personal experience).

I support Waste Pro in Cape Coral, and hope other people will. With all the trash in any city, it is immense. Let WP keep their contract.

Janice Peters

Cape Coral


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