Three things
October 4, 2019


To the editor:


I applaud Ken Holley for bringing up the bulk trash issue. Never a week goes by in my neighborhood without a mattress, couch or a pile of junk from remodeling on the front yard. I love the idea of having one day a month for disposing of bulk trash. Also, folks if you have anything that is reusable, there are thrift stores or Habitat for Humanity that would take those items. This never happened where I lived up north.


We have one day a week where there aren't any Cape Coral Breeze newspapers sitting by mailboxes. That is because my wife and I pick them up on garbage day! Folks, if you are a snowbird, can't read or are too feeble to bend over and pick up the paper, you can get a "dot" to place on your mailbox so the paper will not be delivered and become trash. Otherwise the paper is a great read for local news; try it sometime.


Noise pollution has been discussed, and mostly centered around the entertainment center. What about vehicles, including motorcycles that can be heard one to two miles away? A tip for the police: go to the industrial section in the evening when some folks get off work. You will find most of those noise makers there.

Jim Wiedl

Cape Coral


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