Don’t let litter become a part of Cape’s culture
May 22, 2020


To the editor:

A special thank you to all weighting in on resolving this trash problem in Cape Coral. Mr. Paul Kiefner's recent article "A Cultural Trash Problem" reiterates my letter to the editor on April 17 along with the many others in calling for corrective measures of Zero Tolerance.

These corrections need to be proactive coming from the leadership of Cape Coral in directing Code Enforcement to apply actions from warnings to hefty fines in doing their job. I personally complained to code enforcement a couple years ago for correction of vehicles adorning yards and empty lots with tenants having empty driveways. After complaining for several months with excuses for correcting these problems one particular incident was temporarily corrected. Now this same residence has a boat on one side of the house in an empty lot and a car on the other side. In my April 17 letter I stated, "One would have to have the same sight restrictions as Helen Keller as not to see these violations when enforcing the city codes."

Mr. Kiefner states that his travels also through Central and South America reinforces that littering is culturally acceptable in parts of the world. Unfortunately, preventing this mentality from permeating our city culture comes from strict fines after one warning and a follow up by code enforcement. Excuses and warnings do not bring about resolves. All we are asking for is cleanliness that comes at no cost.

The issue now after all your submissions requesting that these littering issues be addressed, is whether the leadership of Cape Coral is reading and addressing these complaints by taking as Mr. Kiefner states, "immediate, decisive action." Turning their heads and pretending not to see will only permeate unwelcome acceptance in our City of Cape Coral.

A great example was shown by the City of Naples' actions in revisiting and shutting down their beaches, because of the indifference of those not complying with "social distancing." That was an "immediate decisive action" in the protection of their residents to alleviate the possible spread of COVID-19.

Wake up, Cape Coral.

Jack Wagner

Cape Coral


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