‘Fairness’ is not the point, the process is
May 22, 2020


To the editor:

I was among those watching the city council meeting Monday night and they were now considering possibly using some other account to use to pay for modifications at Tropicana Park they decide would be "fair" to all concerned.

They don't even seem conscious of why many of us are not looking for something that is "fair."

The basic problem is some city employees took it upon themselves to offer to modify a park plan and fund any modifications with city money (whether it came from the GO Park Bond or not is irrelevant) and ask the City Council to approve their new plan.

Where did they get the authority to meet with persons representing the Kayak Club and Rowing Club and redesign a park so it met their needs/wants? NOWHERE.

Whether the members of the City Council and the Mayor believe they have come up with a version of the park plan is a reasonable compromise is not the issue.

The fact is, if this behavior is "acceptable," what will be the next "project" that some city employees initiate to be paid for by the city for whose benefit?

Earl Chrysler, DBA

Cape Coral


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